Long serving Trust Director Stands Down

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Ian Rainford (right) a long standing Trust Board member who is standing down.

Ian Rainford, an original member of the steering group which formed the Bluebirds Trust in 2014 has decided to stand down from his role as a director of the Trust and Barrow AFC.

Originally a volunteer at the club as far back as 1999 with the formation of the Survival Fund, Ian later became a leading member of the maintenance volunteers group whose efforts have made Holker Street a tidier and safer environment over recent years.

With the formation of the Bluebirds Trust in 2014, Ian came forward to work with other supporters groups in providing a voice for the fans, he was appointed to the Barrow AFC board by Paul Casson, becoming the fans representative on the club board, an indication of the hard work and respect he garnered during his voluntary work.

In a message to the Trust Board, Ian said “Today I told Paul (Casson) that I will be resigning as a director of the club. I will now also be stepping down from the Trust and taking a break from all maintenance related jobs. I am looking forward to going back to my old pre-match routine of a game of snooker and a couple of pints.
There is a lot of hard work that goes on in the Trust, something a lot of people don’t see, understand or appreciate at times and you all do a cracking job. Best of luck to you all.”

Trust Chair, Frazer Stewart said “Thank you for everything you have done and the countless hours you have put in to making the Trust a success, and all the behind the scenes work at the club. You will be a big loss for both organisations.”

Vice chair Steve Herbert: “You will be a big miss Ian but I am pleased for you as you have more than done your bit…especially when we were at one of our lowest ebbs and you and a few others pretty much saved the ground. Thanks pal”.

The Trust would like to place on record our thanks and gratitude to Ian for his tireless work to improve the experience for every member of the Barrow AFC community.