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We want your feedback, where should we be prioritising our efforts?

Many of the responses from the recent Bluebirds Trust survey indicate significant support for a continuing to build a positive working relationship with the club.

The Trust board now want to act on those responses; we want to identify a Trust-led fundraising initiative to be decided by our members.

So, where to start and how do we fundraise to support the club? Where would members like to see some specific fundraising prioritised? We have listed a number of possible initiatives, from which we would like to target a specific fundraising effort. We need your input to decide where this fundraising goes. We want our members to identify their top 3 initiatives. Initially, we’ll be taking the favourite choice and developing a fundraising plan to achieve this goal.

The link to the survey is below:

Trust Fundraising Survey Link

The closing date for selecting your top three options is Saturday 29th April 2017.